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"well it's not rock really i mean i really hate the word indie but i suppose that's what we are really"

Arthur's Departure is no longer a band of any sort, but this is still our website, and you're welcome to it. We were active from June 2000 to May 2003, and were based in the Coventry area.

Welcome to June!

020603:Well, that's that then. Arthur's Departure's final gig has been played; we have very much split up. There will never, ever be an encore. A MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has come to see us, played with us, or let us play over the past three years. It has, on the whole, been worthy of a temporary suspension of dour cynicism or ironic detachment.

Particular thanks to everyone who made the farewell concert at Surfers such a great night. Martyn, Mawda and The Black Marias for playing (and all being brilliant), and all the rest of you who came along to clap and cheer. I (Mark) was too busy sweating to really take it all in at the time, which is just as well as I may have become quite emotional otherwise. Thank you. You are the best (with the possible exception of us).

If anyone wants a copy of our lovingly assembled and content-rich retrospective CD 'The Very Bits Of Arthur's Departure' (79 minutes 54 seconds, live/studio/home recordings 2000-now, all brilliant, obviously) then email us and we'll send you one.

Obviously, this website is unlikely to be updated much in the future. There will probably be some stuff from the final concert (photos, MP3s, blurb) which will be added as it arrives/I get round to feeling like doing it. Probably some self-indulgent sleevenotes for the CD too. Hurray. Hopefully at least some of the people in the band will do more music in the future - news on that will also appear here if and when it happens.

Thanks again everyone.

All the old news that was on this page has now been archived. If you want to read outdated information about the activities of Arthur's Departure between April 2002 and May 2003, then (1) you're a bit odd, and (2) click here.

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