Old nudes

This is some old stuff that's kept here for archival porpoises. Purposes. For current Arthur's Departure news, go here.

C'est le fin

300503: Firstly - many thanks to everyone who came to see us at the Colosseum last week. It was great to see lots of people, some of whom we didn't even know, apparently enjoying us, and it turned out to be a highly enjoyable night. BUT ANYWAY. The hour is upon us. This Saturday, 31 May, Arthur's Departure will play their last concert, ever. You surely know the details by now, but:

The place Surfers bar, Westwood Campus, University Of Warwick, Coventry
The date Saturday May 31, 2003
The time 7.30pm-11pm
The turn Arthur's Departure, with special guests The Black Marias and Mawda and extra special guest star Martyn Rosser

I think it might be a good night myself. For complicated reasons, Arthur's Departure will be doing two sets rather than one long one, and even if you've always thought we're shit then you've got three other top-quality acts to entertain you. And! you'll be able to get your FREE copy of 'The Very Bits Of Arthur's Departure', an 18-song, 80-minute CD collection covering our entire career, from our first ever recording (June 2000) to our final demos (a couple of weeks ago). The fact it's your last chance to see us aside, it looks like being a top night anyway. And it's free to get in too. Hope you can make it.

Colosseum! This week!

200503: Yes - this Friday (23 May), Arthur's Departure will play their first concert in bleedin' ages. The venue will be the Colosseum, Primrose Hill Street, Coventry. It will be a significant night in many ways - as well as being our first gig since last summer, it's also our penultimate gig ever, and it's taking place at the venue of our first-ever concert. We're playing some new songs too. It'll be good. Doors 10pm, us onstage 10.30. Bettanotmissitbaby!

Left-field alternative guitar pop with occasional noisy tendencies, I've given you the best years of my life

010503: May has always been a significant month for Arthur's Departure. In May 2000, the embryonic band first began playing together. May 2002 saw us embark on our now-legendary Easter Tour Of The Bull & Gate And Warwick University. It's therefore almost appropriate that we now add another milestone to that list of monumental dates. May 2003 will be the month during which we play our last-ever concert. Arthur's Departure are splitting up.

For good.

"Why?" you may ask. Well, the reasons are all too horrible and contentious to go into without just totally bringing everyone down. One thing, however, is for sure: we cannot let this monumental event go unmarked. We are, therefore, going to let you have one more fix of us - and, more to the point, us one more fix of you - at what will hopefully be a very special final gig:

The place Surfers bar, Westwood Campus, University Of Warwick, Coventry
The date Saturday May 31, 2003
The time 7.30pm onward
The turn Arthur's Departure, with special guests The Black Marias and Mawda

Little more needs to be said. Us for the very last time, plus two of the very best bands at Warwick. We'll be playing all the usual stuff that you've grown to know us for through the years, plus some new material that we'll be playing for the first (and, er, last) time. There will also be some "added features" on the night that will come as a surprise to everyone, not least us. And it'll definitely be your only chance to get a (free) copy of the commemorative anthology CD, 'The Very Bits Of Arthur's Departure', which will feature a selection of live, studio and practice recordings spanning our entire career, with lots of previously unheard material (possibly including some new recordings if we get round to doing them). But mainly it will be the best Arthur's Departure concert of all time. Be early!

And that's not all!

No. As well as the abovementioned farewell extravaganza, we will be playing a warm-up gig on Friday May 23 at the Colosseum in Coventry. This will be our first live performance since last August, and (just in case you haven't got the message) our last-but-one concert ever. We'll be playing in the end room, supporting Ism and Sat Sanghi. Doors 10pm, us onstage around 10.30.

New MP3s!

Will appear here shortly. I imagine. In the meantime, check out some horrible pictures of the Bull & Gate concert last year here.

Drummer wanted!
230902: Well, hello again, and welcome to the latest exciting bulletin from the wonderful world of us. The Manchester gig was great, many thanks to all of you who turned up, and especially Carl from The All Star 69'ers for drumming with us at short notice.

Which brings me to the main point, which is that we're currently looking for a new drummer. Alex left a few months ago and Carl was just helping out temporarily for M/cr, so the drumstool is now available to anyone who fancies it.

Job specifications are scant - if you live in the Coventry/Leamington area, are available for practices at weekends and are willing to start doing gigs pretty soon (we're planning on live action in Oct/Nov and possibly a short tour in the new year), then we'll have you. Ability to play the drums would be useful.

If you're interested, then write to us at us@arthursdeparture.co.uk.

Next gig
120802: We're playing Night & Day, 26 Oldham Street, Manchester on Saturday 17 August with Roma and Without Walls. It'll be great. 3 to get in, doors 8ish, onstage 9.30ish. We have a new bass player called Helen and an emergency drummer called Carl. As usual.

060602: Although it's been almost a month since we did anything, Arthur's Departure will continue their siege of London at the Hope & Anchor in Islington on Thursday 13 June. Tickets are 4 with this flyer, and 5 without. Doors open at 8.30pm, and we should be on around 9.30, between Hope of the States and Angel Range. Again, we shall be excellent and unsurpassed, so go, or else you'll miss a unique piece of POP HISTORY.

The Hope & Anchor is at 207 Upper Street, Islington, London, and the nearest tube is Highbury & Islington. So go there, you fools

010502: Oh yes. On Monday May 13, Arthur's Departure will make their first-ever London appearance, opening at the Bull & Gate in Kentish Town. Tickets are 4 with a flyer (4.50 without), and we will be onstage around 8.30pm. We've been knocking a batch of new songs into shape lately and will clearly be excellent, so come and see us. The other bands playing on the night are Sitting Duck, The Neutrinos and Lux.

New Faces. And bodies
As some people may have noticed at the recent Bull & Gate and Warwick concerts, we have (yet again) a new member. The boy-shaped body of Harry Duns is on loan to us from Patient Zero, and it plays bass.

Also, we are in the process of putting up mp3's of our last gig, at the University of Warwick - this also includes the sounds of Harry in action, so stay tuned to hear the next generation sound of Arthur's Departure! Huzzah!

Yes, unbelievable as it may seem, we have finally managed to get our act together and do some semi-proper recording. With the help of McSimon, some computers and literally forty pounds' worth of microphones, we have 'laid' 'down' versions of our popular hits Losing It, Eastern Promise and The Body. You can listen to the results here. Please do because (a) they're great and (b) they took ages to do and the process has meant that we now all hate each other. And Simon.

Please book us
And if that wasn't unlikely enough, we're also attempting to get some sort of summer mini-tour organised in an attempt to broaden our horizons beyond the Warwick University/Coventry indie venues 'circuit'. If you're a promoter (hmm, right) and you want us to come and play, then get in touch. And if you've just randomly wandered in here, listen to the demos, decide to love them, and hassle your local venues for some Arthur's Departure live action. Please and thankyou.

I'm Sick Of Me
Back in February 2001, shortly before the Colosseum concert that launched our showbusiness career, we made our first-ever proper recording: a song called I'm Sick Of Me, for that year's Warwick University BandSoc CD. The result was, well, rubbish (thanks mainly to the fact that it was mixed so that you could only hear vocals, rhythm guitar and cymbals), but the other week the original multitrack minidisc for the song turned up so we remixed it and it sounds quite good now. So listen to it.

Would you like another lump in your tea?