We are pretty. Look.

The Bull & Gate, Kentish Town, London, 13 May 2002

First ever London concert, and first ever concert with Harry, who had been in the band for all of 36 hours when we hit the stage. We all look very fat in these for some reason.

The Silver Sword, Coventry, 11 December 2001

Marvellously "Kodak single use" grainy shots of our only McSimon-enhanced performance. But he's lurking in the shadows. Symbolically.

We attempt to play 'Babies' by Pulp. Babies lost.

The Campbell, Coventry, 18 June 2001

Final gig with Nick and Lisa, headlinging at a nicely odd music and poetry evening. One of the other acts involved two blokes reading poetry, one dressed as Janet Street-Porter and the other one dressed as some sort of transvestite Elvis. We started our set with Simon The Monkey and it sounded compartively normal.

The Colosseum, Coventry, 8 February 2001

Arthur's Departure's premiere live appearance, supporting Amber at a Warwick bands thing. Mark had booked the date as a comeback gig for Venini (who he used to co-manage), but they considerately split up, leaving him to arbitrarily put Arthur's Departure on instead, and in much bigger letters on the flier than either of the other bands. Marvellous.

Warwick University Band Practice Room, 16 November 2000

This was our first-ever practice as a full band (as opposed to Mark, Dana and Deano tinkering about in Deano's bedroom). At this point the others were still attempting to convince Mark that the band should not, under any circumstances, be called Students With Hairdye.