Demos, 2002

These were all done in February and March 2002 and recorded in a needlessly laborious fashion, partly in the practice room and partly in our house. We used a computer without particularly knowing how, apart from on Eastern Promise, where we went to McSimon's house and he used a computer and knew how. A slight difference in sonic quality may be noticeable to some listeners. Still. Good though.

Losing It (Sturdy)
Eastern Promise (Sturdy)
The Body (Ciocan/License)

All these feature Dana Ciocan (rhythm guitar), Deano (lead guitar), Alex Odell (drums), AJ Seabright (bass) and Mark Sturdy (vocals), except for The Body which has Deano on vocals/guitar, Dana on violin and Mark on horrible scratchy clicky guitar.

Live, Warwick University Battle of the Bands, 19 February 2002

A sonically distressed but rockin' recording of our first concert with Alex and AJ, made by Nick 'Thundersticks' Denny with the aid of a microphone. Credit is due to the Alex Odell Appreciation Society for enthusiastic audience reaction, and the band A:B for teaching us a lot of important lessons about life.

Losing It
Eastern Promise
The Body

I'm Sick Of Me

Our first-ever recording, done by John Green in Zippy's on 28 January 2001 (and also in his house on 5 February 2001) for that year's Warwick University BandSoc CD. John did a brilliant job of recording this and a truly terrible job of mixing it, resulting in something any normal human being would be highly keen to write out of history - until, that is, we found the original recording and remixed it. Hurrah. It's quite good now.

I'm Sick Of Me (Sturdy)

I'm Sick Of Me was played by the original Arthur's Departure line-up of Lisa, Dana, Nick, Deano and Mark.

Oh, and you can read the lyrics to Simon The Monkey (License) too. We haven't recorded that one yet.

All songs (c) 2000-2002 Arthur's Departure. For bootlegging and plagarism use only.