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Martin Aston: Pulp (Pan Books, 1996)
The first serious attempt at charting Pulp's history. A brave effort that, despite containing errors and omissions, is well-written with interesting contributions from the band, Tony Perrin, Simon Hinkler, Peter Dalton, John Best and others.

Paul Lester: Pulp - The Illustrated Story (Hamlyn Books, 1996)
Susan Wilson: Pulp - The Tomorrow People (UFO Books, 1996)

A pair of perfunctory, 80-page clippings jobs, recommendable for little more than some nice pictures and being a handy source of cannibalised press quotes.



Pulp have done hundreds (possibly thousands) of press interviews, and to attempt to list them here in addition to the individual citations throughout the book would be madness. The Pulp People scrapbooks (see below) and acrylicafternoons.com between them include a huge selection, but special mention should be given to John Reed's interview with Jarvis in the December 1994 edition of Record Collector which provides an excellent potted history of the band's lifetime prior to Different Class.



Again there is a huge amount of Pulp-related material on the internet, but the following are especially recommended:

Arcylic Afternoons
Giles Bosworth's superb site, containing a wealth of discographical information, transcribed press articles and TV stills, all of which were invaluable when putting this book together.

Bar Italia
An exhaustive, mainly discography-orientated site put together by Steve Devereux, with a mind-boggling list of every Pulp song ever released (plus most of the unreleased ones), with credits and lyric transcriptions for each one.

The band's official site, put together by the fanclub with plenty of input from the band themselves. Essential for up-to-date news and archival information.

Not strictly Pulp, but a definitive source of information on Russell's post-Pulp band Venini.



Pulp People
PO Box 87
S11 8WJ


The band's official fan club was set up by Russell Senior and Mark Webber in 1992, and taken over by Alex Deck in 1995. Although on hiatus at the time of writing (it may return should the band ever decide to reform), it has been an indispensable source of information on Pulp's activities, publishing a run of 39 regular newsletters, plus three volumes of the Pulp Scrapbook and two issues of the band's Disco-Very magazine (in 1992 and 1995).



Anyone who wishes to contact the author of 'Truth & Beauty: the Story of Pulp' with comments, corrections or suggestions for future editions can do so via email here.