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City School, 1979

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When writing the book, I had the good fortune to speak to over 30 members, ex-members and associates of Pulp. If the book has any merit at all, it's thanks to them.

Flier for Pulp at the Hallamshire, Sheffield, August 31, 1980 - at which time the band consisted of Jarvis, Peter Dalton, Philip Thompson and Jimmy Sellars.  Thanks to Marek Pryjomko for the scan. Past and present members
David Lockwood (bass, 1979)
Philip Thompson (bass, 1979-80)
Jim Sellars (drums, 1980-81)
Jamie Pinchbeck (bass, 1980-82)
Wayne Furniss (drums, 1981-83)
David Hinkler (keyboards, 1982-83)
Simon Hinkler (bass etc, 1982-83)
Peter Boam (guitar etc, 1982-83)
Garry Wilson (drums, 1982-83)
Saskia Cocker (vocals, flute, 1982-83)
Michael Paramore (percussion, 1983)
Russell Senior (guitar, violin, 1983-97)
Nick Banks (drums, 1986-present)
... and one or two other people who spoke to me off the record.

Associates of Pulp
John Quinn (Sheffield Star music writer, 1988-95)
Martin Lilleker (Sheffield Star music writer, 1980-86; Sheffield Telegraph music writer since 1991)
David Bocking (photographer and member of Heroes Of The Beach)
Jon Short (schoolfriend of Jarvis, played cello on It, saved Pulp's lives in the van on the way back from recording the first Peel session)
Julie Hobson (now wife of the above, snogged Jarvis at a party circa 1979)
Andrew Swift (Jarvis' old English teacher)
Mike Jarvis (Jarvis' old Maths teacher!)
Clive Solomon (head of Fire Records)
Murray Fenton (local Sheffield musician, ex-Artery, ex-Batfish Boys, ex-everything)
Ogy McGrath (vocalist with Dig Vis Drill, toured with Pulp in mid '80s)
Tony Perrin (Pulp manager, 1982-83)
Glen Marshall (Pulp manager and cinematographer, 1979-80)
John Nicholls (keyboardist with Dig Vis Drill, recorded the Sudan Gerri demo)
Nick Robinson (guitarist with Dig Vis Drill)
John Avery (Sheffield musician, ex-member of Hula, recorded with Jarvis in 1988)
Ian Spence (of The Unholy Three, The Screaming Trees and Company Classics Records)
Nick Taylor (played with Jarvis and Peter Dalton in Heroes Of The Beach)
Jonathan Kirk (live sound engineer and producer of Freaks)
Alan Smyth (live sound engineer and producer of Separations)
Nigel Coxon (Island Records A&R man)
Suzanne Catty (manager, 1991-92)
Tony K (former head of Red Rhino Records)