NME 'On' Night, Camden Falcon, 28 July 1999 - Sarah Wilson

Russell was still Russell. Irrepressible stare and mod suit. Looked a bit emaciated if you asked me. Also couldn't help noticing he had lines under his eyes. Never realized that his hands were small.

Debbie Lime is possibly the scariest woman in indie music. Dressed in a leather mini-skirt and matching jacket and plastered in make-up, she has the looks of a genetic half breed of Debbie Harry and Siouxsie Siou as she saunters onstage and wiggles her hips to the baying audience (where have we seen that before?).

Danny Hunt. Poor bloke is squeezed into the tiniest portion of the stage and clouded by smoke but played well. (Jarvis later mentioned to him that he didn't seem to have any stage presence at all.)

Nick Eastwood, the bassist, looks like Boy George and plays like a muthafucker. The drummer Robert Barton was good too.

I got a set list and I'm gonna do a run down on it.

Mon Camion: Very French, Very loud, Very Glam. Sounded a bit like Slade or Blockbuster by The Sweet.

St Tropez: Same as the record, only LOUDER.

Carnival Stan: Billed as the next single (I was standing next to a guy who was shooting a live promo for it). Incredibly like Blondie. Beginning sounded a lot like Heart of Glass.

Exotic Night: Started a bit like I Spy, then it sorted of reminded me of The Fear. Russell doing his semi-acoustic thing. I think it's about sex, but I couldn't hear a word. Debbie had her guitar out for this one, but was totally drowned out by Russell's axe wielding antics

Un Shaker: Debbie has a metal shaker rattling away throughout this song, which could have been good but her shaking was a bit out of time and so kind of spoilt it for me.

Photograph: About a photograph I presume. Good use of pauses, in which the band members seemed to pose as if for a photograph.

Roxy: A tirade of fashion names. "Versace, Armani, Gucci" etc. Basically about image, fashion and the impression we make on people.

There were supposed to be two songs on the encore (Little Kisses and Hoboken) but they didn't come back on. Jarvis was there, and I had a few words with him afterwards. When questioned how he liked it, he said "It's odd being a spectator".

Sarah Alice Wilson