Glastonbury Festival programme, 25-27 June 1999


Like a phoenix from the ashes rises the elegant Russell Senior. The one time guitarist and violinist with Pulp, is now the leader of Venini and official Rock Survivor. Picking his band members from people lolling about the railway station in Sheffield, Russell's come up trumps with this sophisto glam art project. Taking their inspiration the International Cocktail Directory and East European architecture, Venini bring a little class to the pop music genre. "With Pulp I ws the slice of lemon in their gin and tonic. Now this is a rum and coke, but I'm still the slice of lemon," explains Russell.

Comparisons have been drawn with Roxy Music. Venini's singer, the very tall Debbie, writes songs in French and Russian, including the splendid St Tropez. They already have at least one enthusiastic fan who asks them to send him their 'wet tissues'.

All of Venini plan to spend Glastonbury safely tucked up in hammocks. "You must make your utmost effort to be clean," argues Russell. "Bring some Wet Wipes and be prepared not to look like a hippie. Somebody has to."

Saturday 12.00pm