Venini links

Dolly TV - Site for the new band featuring Nick Eastwood and Nikki Trash

Oberhiem - Nick's new project with Boz ASI

Groovy Badger - see the Carnival Star video!

Let know what you think of Mon Camion, Carnival Star, and this site!

Camion - the all-new Venini mailing list. Subscribe today! - Michael Hubbard's site includes an exclusive interview, as well as reviews of gigs at the Barfly, Reading and the Wag.

Yahoo Clubs: Venini - message board, links, chatroom etc

Free Williamsburg - interview with Debbie, May 2000

Label - interview with Debbie and Nick, November 1999

Coffee with the man in Milan... - Reading '99 review

...sake with two in Japan... - Glastonbury '99 review, with nice photos

...The Horse (in the jacuzzi?) - review of the very first Venini gig, way back in October 1998

Concrete - interview with Russell from May 1999

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