Post-Venini news

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Debbie Lime by Robert Hardy THE FUTURE IS COMING
Debbie and Ash's new band is called Tokyo Lucky Hole. They are currently writing and demoing new material (described by insiders as "somewhere between Moloko and Kraftwerk") and will be playing live in 2002. Stay tuned for an exclusive new interview with Debbie and Ash on this website before Christmas! (291101)

. . . is a new band with Nick Citrus (who used to be Venini's bass player) and Nikki Trash (who used to be Venini's guitarist after Russell). They played their first gig at the Sheffield Barfly on 3rd October 2001, and you can read a review of the show here. Nicki Citrus says: "If you thought Venini were an exciting band you aint seen nowt yet" (291101)

"Walkin White Trash has been re-named "Dolly TV", and will be rockin' the BIG 1 very soon. Nick Eastwood, myself and a select, handpicked bunch of angry young men are conjouring up some heavy magic for your delactaion. remember kids, WE created it - now lets take it over!!" (020401)

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