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After some weeks of uncertainty, it can now be sadly confirmed that Venini have split up. Following a lengthy silence last year, a comeback was planned for spring 2001, but an unstable lineup and, in some cases, personal problems unfortunately rendered this impossible. Venini send their thanks to all the fans who have supported them over the past two-and-a-half years.

Looking to the future, the Venini ethos is set to continue (with a slightly more electronic slant) in a new band (as yet unnamed) featuring ex-Venini members vocalist Debbie Lime and keyboardist Ash. New material is expected to emerge later this year. Meanwhile bassist Nick Eastwood has formed Walkin White Trash with latter-day Venini guitarist Nick Burke, and looks set to continue his collaboration with The All Seeing I's Boz under the name Oberheim. Original guitarist Russell Senior (who left the band in summer 2000) is working in Sheffield on non-musical projects.

For further news on all the above and more (including the possible re-release of Venini's three singles via this website for the benifit of those who missed them first time round), keep watching this space, or subscribe to our mailing list (see News). (240201)

Some of you reading this may be aware of the assorted rumours doing the rounds pertaining to the current status of Venini. All that needs to be said at the moment is that 1. The band is still very much active, and is currently rehearsing pending a tour in the new year. 2. While it's true that there have been some line-up changes recently, Russell Senior is still very heavily involved with the band. A more informative announcement will follow very shortly. (261100)

Last year, the video company Groovy Badger made a promo for Venini's second single Carnival Star, incorporating live footage from a gig at the Camden Falcon on 29 June 1999. The video is now available on Groovy Badger's website. Check it out because it looks great... (261100)

Please note that the Venini PO Box address (PO Box 1471 Sheffield etc) is now CLOSED. So don't send anything to it, cos it won't get to us. (301000)

The limited-edtion Unshaker EP is now offically Sold Out. Don't panic - if you've already sent your order in but haven't recieved your copy yet, you will get your goods very shortly, but after that there will be no more. Congratulations to all you lucky people who managed to get a copy. Meanwhile, there's a possibility of the EP getting a fullblown non-limited release early next year, possibly supported by a 15 date tour!! In the meantime, warmup gigs may be closer than you dare imagine... (201000)

Venini's new EP Unshaker is out now on the band's new label Sturdy Records. The first run of copies has a limited-edition sleeve designed by Russell Senior himself, and is available now via mail order only - see the Mail Order section of this website. This initial 'preview' version of the CD will only be available for a very short space of time, so place your order now to avoid disappointment!

All three tracks, Unshaker, Exotic Night and Hoboken, feature Charlie Collins (formerly of Sheffield legends ClockDVA) on assorted electronically treated wind instruments, and encapsulate Venini's rawer, slightly more experimental side, in contrast to the glam-pop of last year's Mon Camion and Carnival Star singles. True to the Venini ethos, however, they remain totally pop and, of course, quite brilliant. RealAudio samples of all three tracks are available on the Audio page. (011000)

Venini's first new material since last November's Carnival Star single is available now from this website. The brand-new track Postcard is available to download in MP3 format here.

Postcard, which sees the first recorded appearance of new keyboardist Michael Ash, is a taster of the new material that the band has been working on in recent months. Some of this material will see the light on Venini's long-awaited third single, due to appear in October on their new label, Sturdy Records.

The nine months since the last burst of Venini activity have seen the members of the band pursue a number of different projects. Nick has seen continued success with his Sheffield club night Le Citrus (Wednesdays @ The Casbah, Wellintgon Street) which boasts an exotic weekly selection of live acts, guest DJs and "corner erotica", and has recently played host to gigs from Brassy, The Solar Flares and Eugene Speed. Debbie has been pursuing a second career in acting, and Russell has apparently been engaging in mysterious activities involving "post-war op art and antique glass".

Full details on the new single and forthcoming live dates will appear here shortly. (280700)

"Venini would like to apologise to anyone who was expecting to see us support David Devant at the LA2 on 13th November. We had arrived at the venue early,unloaded and soundchecked and were ready to play the concert. We were told that we would have to go on early despite having publicised an 8.30 start time (as was stated in our contract). We reluctantly agreed to play our set so early that anyone arriving on time would have seen the last song we played. When the time came to go on stage we were told that our set would be cut off at 8.30, meaning that anyone arriving on time would not have seen us leaving the stage. We also stayed and were prepared to go on on time and be cut off after one song if need be,but the promoter had taken our equipment down a quarter of an hour before we were due to go on stage thus preventing us from playing at all. Again,sorry for any dissapointment but we weren't even given the option of playing anything like a meaningful set."

Those of you disappointed by the LA2 fuck-up may take some comfort in the possible January 2000 of a live-in-the-studio album, currently at the mixing stage. Nothing has been confirmed as yet, but keep checking this site for up-to-date news... (151199)

Russell, Debbie, Danny, Nick and Bob, 1999 Latest line-up news: Venini have recruited a new keyboardist called Ash. The band now operates as anything from a four-piece (the core still being Debbie, Nick, Russell and Robert) to a six-piece, with additional members Ash on keyboards and Charlie Collins on treated clarinet/flute/sax. Charlie, formerly of late '70s/early '80s Sheffield legends ClockDVA, has been an occasional member of the band since its formation last year, and most recently made peculiar noises with them at the Reading Festival. (150999)

A new alternative Venini site has sprung up at It's run by the very excellent Michael Hubbard and includes news, gig reviews, some great photos (different to the ones on this site) and more besides. (051099)

Live dates: Friday 24th September - Brighton Beach, The Cockpit, Swinegate, Leeds (doors 11pm, onstage 12.30am, ticket price 5). Saturday 2nd October - Blow-Up, Soho Wag Club. (150999)

Danny Hunt has left the band, which is now slimmed down to Debbie, Russell, Nick and Robert. Danny - who still has his work with Ladytron, Invicta Hi-Fi, and Liquidation to keep him out of mischief - left Venini shortly before their sets at the Reading and Leeds Festivals (030999)

Next gig: NME "On" Night, Camden Barfly, Thursday 29 July. Venini will be onstage at approximately 9.45. (220799)

Venini will play the Carling Premier Stage at the Reading and Leeds Festivals, 27-30 August 1999 (exact date to be announced). Be warned, the official Reading website is the most irritating thing in the entire world. (220799)